Is there a `Mona Lisa` in 3D?

London: Is there a second `Mona Lisa` painting by the great Leonardo Da Vinci in 3D?

There may actually be one.

German visual scientists have found a `Mona Lisa` painting in the Museo del Prado in Madrid that may have been painted either by Da Vinci or by one of his students, visual scientists said.

The original `Mona Lisa` painting is in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

The researchers from University of Mainz in Germany looked at so-called trajectories - or the paths from a distinctive point on the source such as the tip of Mona Lisa`s nose.

It turned out that the real `Mona Lisa` and the Prado one were painted from slightly different perspectives.

They found that the two paintings form a stereoscopic pair. When viewed together, these create an impression of depth, a 3D image of the `Mona Lisa`.

This evidence “might indicate that Da Vinci did not only think about the 3D issue theoretically but in a very practical sense in terms of experiments”, the researchers were quoted as saying in media reports.