Jerry Hall auctions her modern art collection

Former supermodel Jerry Hall has come up with a unique way to let go of her past with Mick agger. Hall is auctioning a part of her modern art ollection, which is expected to fetch 2 million pounds.

The 14 works, by artists including Andy Warhol, Damien irst and Lucian Freud, document Hall`s 30 years in the potlight, Daily Mail reported.

The 54-year-old, who had a tumultuous marriage with he Rolling Stones frontman, says the sale is about "letting o of the past".

"It`s all a process of simplifying my life and moving n. At a certain age you just want to get rid of things. I`m ot afraid of change," Hall said.

Part of her reason for the sale, she said, is that her aughters, models Elizabeth and Georgia May, and son James ave moved out.

"The two eldest are looking to get an apartment, so I as thinking about helping them. I come from a poor family. It s not logical to have that much money on the wall. I don`t ant to worry about burglar alarms. I want my teenagers to have parties," she said.

The paintings will be sold at Sotheby`s next week as Hall prepares to leave her home in London which she shares with her younger son, 12-year-old Gabriel.

The paintings include Francesco Clemente`s surrealist portrait of her and Lucian Freud`s `Eight Months Gone`, his portrait of a naked and heavily pregnant Jerry, aged 41.

Hall, who started dating the Rolling Stones rocker in 1977, married him in 1990 and divorced him after nine years of marriage, has cited Jagger`s infidelity behind the break down of their marriage.