Julia Roberts compares theatre to ‘childbirth’

Washington: Julia Roberts has said that acting on stage is like childbirth because it is easy to forget the bad parts of the experience.

The ‘Mirror Mirror’ star, who made her Broadway debut in 2006 with ‘Three Days of Rain’, plans to return to theatre.

“It’s like childbirth, you don’t know until you’ve done it but you get a little bit away from it and you go, ‘Of course I want to do that again’. You get sucked back into doing theatre because it’s really thrilling and does challenge you as an actor in really unique ways,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling Vanity Fair magazine.

“You know, I love the medium of film, I love that environment but it’s just different.

“I really enjoyed doing ‘Three Days of Rain’ but I could definitely find ways to have more fun because now I have a much better sense of what I’m getting into.

“I mean when we did ‘Three Days of Rain’, I had two little children and was doing eight shows a week. There was relentlessness to it that you can’t understand if you haven’t been in that situation,” she added.