Kate – the new Mr Men character!

London: Prince William’s bride-to-be Kate Middleton is to be immortalised in art as one of the Mr Men.

The 29-year-old`s charmed life is set inspire two new Mr Men books, published just in time for her wedding on April 29.

Little Miss Princess lives in a big castle with a moat and lots of servants. But the writer says she is not rude and spoilt but kind and generous.

She is “privileged but caring” but despite her good will she finds her best skill is ordering people about.

Adam Hargreaves has given his princess blonde hair - distancing the book a little from the real royal couple.

This is good news for Prince William - Little Miss Princess`` prince is Mr Bump, who finds himself bed-ridden after a nasty fall, breaking his leg.

“She lives in a palace surrounded by servants who do everything for her, but she feels bad about this and she goes out to help people,” a daily quoted him as telling the Times.

“The humour derives from showing her trying to do practical things for Mr Bump, who is housebound after breaking his leg, but she is incapable because she has never had to do anything for herself,” he added.

He claimed that he came up with the idea long before the announcement of the royal engagement and was in fact conceived for the franchise`s 40th anniversary.

But he admitted the engagement came at a convenient time and the publisher decided to capitalise on it.

Little Miss Princess and the Very Special Wedding colouring and sticker storybook will be in stores from the 4th April - just a few weeks before the royal wedding itself.