Late Hollywood diva Elizabeth Taylor`s auction raises over $150 mn

Updated: Dec 21, 2011, 14:47 PM IST

London: An auction of late actress Elizabeth Taylor`s belongings has raised $156.6 million.

The money from the collection of jewellery, gowns, artwork and memorabilia from films of the late actress will go to the Elizabeth Taylor Trust, with a portion of the profits to be donated to the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.

"My family is proud that our mother`s legacy as a celebrated actress, tireless AIDS activist and accomplished businesswoman touched so many people`s lives that they wanted to have a part of it for themselves," quoted Elizabeth`s son Chris Wilding as saying.

"My mother always acknowledged that she was merely the temporary custodian of the incredible things she owned. I think she would be happy to know that her collections will continue to enrich the lives of those who have acquired them," he added.