Lennon pictured naked, laughing with Yoko Ono

London: Legendary Beatles singer John Lennon’s last photo shoot with Yoko Ono has been made public – three decades after his death.

The couple posed for a set of intimate photographs to promote his new album ‘Double Fantasy’.

Despite many chances to publish them after Lennon’s death, photographer Allan Tannenbaum kept them closely under wraps for decades.

He recalls that the historic photo session happened purely by chance.

At first, Yoko was hesitant, especially since the famous couple had been out of the public eye for over five years but after a coffee together she conveyed to Tannenbaum, “John feels comfortable with you, so you’ll come with us to the studio.”

He also said that once at the studio, John and Yoko changed from their street clothes to put on colourful kimonos, before slipping out of them for the shoot.

“I was thinking, I can’t believe I’m taking these photos. Nudity was just another form of expression for them. They seemed very at ease and it was more of a show of tenderness than a highly charged erotic ­situation”, the Mirror quoted Tannenbaum as saying.

John and Yoko were delighted with the results of ‘Double Fantasy’ photoshoot and even showed them to friends.