Marathi drama `Tarunai` to be staged at Kalidas Kala Mandir

PTI| Updated: Oct 25, 2013, 17:32 PM IST

Nashik: City-based SQF Entertainment Group`s Marathi drama `Tarunai`, about the young generation, is all set to be staged at the Kalidas Kala Mandir here, on October 29 and October 30.

Produced by Vilas Shinde, written and directed by Solapur-based Prasanna Kate, the drama has attempted to depict the young generation`s habits of Facebook, mobile phones, lack of "culture" and neglect of their parents.

The plot is about five young girls and a youth staying as paying guests in an unmarried professor`s house, living their lives their own way, though the professor is often seen guiding them.

Talking to reporters yesterday evening, Shinde and Kate said that the young generation is seen as "uncultured" and "astray".

"We have tried our best to show this in our drama which we hope to stage in various parts of the state," senior actor Vijay Kadam.

Famous Marathi reality television show artiste Supriya Pathare and Solapur`s senior stage artist Laxman Kate will be present on the occasion.