Memorabilia dealer selling Salinger`s toilet

Kernersville: A North Carolina collectibles dealer is hawking a toilet ripped from reclusive author JD Salinger`s former home.

Rick Kohl of The Vault said Friday he bought the standard white porcelain fixture from a New Hampshire couple who owned a home where the author of ‘Catcher in the Rye’ once lived.

To vouch that this is no phony, Kohl has a letter from the homeowner attesting that she and her husband replaced the toilet while remodelling, and that they knew the workmen who installed it decades ago.

The receptacle has an eBay asking price of USD 1 million, though Kohl says he`s willing to see what the literary giant`s home throne will fetch.

The toilet`s lid is stamped with a manufacturing date of 1962, well after the 1951 publication date of Salinger`s classic novel.

Bureau Report