Moss pays graffiti artist Banksy £150k

Updated: May 04, 2010, 17:17 PM IST

London: Supermodel Kate Moss has asked British graffiti artist Banksy to paint a one-off mural on a wall in her mansion.

The graffiti artist was given Moss` mansion keys to paint the mural measuring around 12ft by 18ft, reports The Mirror.

The artwork reportedly cost Moss 150,000 pounds.

"Kate is a big fan of Banksy and has several prints of his, plus a few originals, collected at home. He has even done a portrait of Moss herself," a source said.

The source added.

"She explained exactly what she wanted doing and Banksy gave her a quote. It wasn`t cheap. Kate asked for an entire wall to be painted, showing Kate on the catwalk at all stages of her career - from a fresh-faced 16-year-old to her last appearance earlier this year.

"The painting also shows various well known faces including pals Sadie Frost, Naomi Campbell, Lily Allen and even Gordon Brown and his wife, Sarah. It is pretty eclectic.

"Weirdly, the fashion shows `audience` also features a few animals. It is surrealist in nature, and extremely eye-catching."