Museum to step up security after attack

Mathura: Security will be stepped up at a 140-year-old museum here after three men vandalized two 200-year-old statues of Queen Victoria.

The museum will raise the height of its boundary walls, deploy more security personnel and fix more CCTV cameras, according to its director A.K. Pandey.

The broken statues would be given "scientific treatment" to restore their originality, he said after reaching here late Saturday from Lucknow.

On Friday, three young men from Haryana vandalized the statues, saying they were a reminder of "our slavery and colonial past".

One of the attackers escaped. The other two were sent to jail after the museum`s assistant director, S.P. Singh, lodged a police complaint.

The Mathura museum was set up in 1874 by F.S. Growse.