Of streets, sleep and yawns at art fair

New Delhi: Inspired by the rituals and mundane things of daily life, exhibitors at the United Art Fair at Pragati Maidan here have captured sleep patterns, yawning faces and dying street art through their works, bringing into focus things we usually miss out on.

“Dreams are a part of our life. Usually we tend to forget them but in reality, they are a struggle between the conscious and the sub-conscious,” said Haryana-based artist Akash Gaur, who has captured dreams through his exhibit.

“I dream a lot and it has happened that I haven`t slept many nights because of them. So, I would be awake during the daytime and yawn. The series that I present here is a part of my dream and faces of my friends who are yawing,” he added, saying his works depict how dreams are connected to our everyday life.

Bangalore-based artist Vanita Yaji too has displayed sleep patters through her works. The philosophy she follows is that everything gets cured if a person sleeps well.

“A sound sleep works like a medicine,” Yaji, who is not attending the fair said.

“Through my work I have tried to captured the many ways we can sleep soundly. When you are tired and in deep slumber, you tend to break a pattern and relax. I have captured that element,” added Yaji, who is exhibiting for the first time.

Artist Hanif Kureshi is on a mission to review dying Indian street art forms. Displaying what comes across as nostalgia are shop signboards that once seen aplenty.

“When I was young, I was influenced by the street art and it became a sort of inspiration for me. There was a time when hand-painted work was there but now digitisation has replaced this art form,” the Vadodra-based artist said.

“It is like the way Bollywood poster painters vanished. Street art is on the verge of dying. Through the exhibition we want to reach out to a larger audience who believe in individuality, something that is lacking ever since digital printing took over,” he added.

He has been closely working with these painters from all around India and every painter gets royalty when their works are sold.

“It is hard to convince them though,” rues Hanif, adding: “Many feel I might be getting a bigger chunk of money.

United Art Fair is an artist driven fair eliminating middlemen and galleries and bringing new artists directly in touch with their potential buyers. It is open till Tuesday.


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