Pammie likes pantomime over bikinis!

London: Pamela Anderson thinks she is more suited to pantomime than bikinis modelling.

The 43-year-old actress prefers to take part in pantomime productions, a type of British comedy musical theatre show traditionally shown around Christmas time, rather than wearing skimpy outfits for TV roles, a news website reported.

Anderson enjoyed starring in `Aladdin` last year, she is set to take part in another staging of the show later this year.

"My agent came to me and just said, `This is something you probably don`t want to do but how about pantomime?`," Anderson said.

"He explained it was a kind of theatre and I thought it would be fun. He told me that it was funny and light- hearted and I thought it would be perfect because it`s funny that I`m on stage at all," she said.

"I have two homes in Malibu and I just love pouring my heart out in pantomime. I feel that this is where I should be headed, more so than wearing bikinis," Anderson added.

The actress is set to play the Genie in the magic lamp when the comedic adaptation of the legendary story hits the stage in Liverpool, North West England, later this year, and Anderson admits the role is a dream come true.

"Flying on stage wearing my cape and singing `Genie In A Bottle` with fireworks going off? You can`t get any better than that," she said.


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