Radcliffe taking dance lessons

London: British actor Daniel Radcliffe is taking dance lessons for his Broadway musical ‘How To Succeed In Business’.

The ‘Harry Potter’ admits he is not a good dancer and realised it when he had to shake a leg with co-star Emma Watson in the new Potter film - "Deathly Hallows - Part 1". So he fears, he would "screw up" onstage, reports a website.

"Emma is actually quite a good dancer, so it was for me to muddle through. I`m a c**p dancer but next year on Broadway for `How To Succeed in Business` I hope to see a large improvement... Dancing is something I`ve never done before," he said.

"I`m taking lessons. Generally speaking, I`ve been doing about nine hours a week of training, so if I screw up it`s not for lack of trying. We start rehearsals in January, previewing in February and we open in March."