Rare ‘Charlie Chaplin’ film could fetch £100K at auction

London: A rare footage of comedy genius Charlie Chaplin that was lying unrecognised at a second hand shop has now become a small fortune for a jobless Brit man after he was told it could fetch 100,000 pounds at auction.

While buying a small box for a few pounds, Brian Hann from South Tyneside never knew that inside it was a Chaplin 35mm nitrate film from 1916.

“There’s Chaplin reading a newspaper while leaning against a tree and there’s a wartime message about saving food,” the Daily Express quoted Hann, 40, as saying.

The seven-minute footage is part of a First World War propaganda film called ‘Zepped’, starring Chaplin.

It shows scenes of a Zeppelin bombing raid over London. Possibly the only copy of the priceless film went on sale at Bonhams auction house in London last week, with a 100,000-pound asking price.

“We’ll be happy to put Mr Hann in contact with one of our experts to authenticate it,” Bonhams added.