Rare Superman comic expected to fetch record $1.5m at auction

London: An extremely rare comic that was stolen over a decade ago has been discovered and is expected to fetch a record 1.5 million dollars at auction.

The inaugural issue of Action Comics from 1938 containing the first ever appearance of Superman is the most sought after comic in the world.

The copy for sale was stolen in the year 2000 from the home of an American collector and the police had ever since been hunting for it.

The disappearance had become a cause of concern in the world of comic collecting and theories abounded about who had it.

The same comic had already set a world record when the collector paid 150,000 dollars for it some years back.

Now the book is set to break its record again with experts estimating it to go for more than the current record of 1.5 million dollars (934,000 pounds).

In April this year the comic turned up inside some storage units a Californian entrepreneur had bought.

After examination, experts confirmed that the Action Comics No. 1 was the same one that had been stolen 11 years earlier.

Stephen Fishler, CEO of ComicConnect.com and Metropolis Collectibles, which has now put the comic up for sale online, had always dreamed of finding the legendary copy.

“It really bothered me over the years. It’s such an important book and it meant a lot to me. How could a comic book of this magnitude just disappear?” the Daily Mail quoted Fishler as saying.

“When we were contacted in April and saw a picture of the comic, we were shocked. After spending so many years looking for the book, I was blown away when it appeared.

“I immediately knew it was the one.

“I had worried that the book might turn up disfigured or in poor shape, but luckily for comic book fans it’s in near perfect condition. And now it’s for sale,” he added.

Bidding for the comic book ends on November 30.


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