Re-live circus days with `Acronamia`

Gurgaon: The circus days are back! But with an aerial twist! Acromania-The Great Mongolian Circus brings on stage mind-blowing in-the-air stunts that will keep you on the edge of your seat for 90 minutes.

The magic starts with two girls entering suspended on aerial rings, followed by as many as 15 breathtaking acts inspired by Mongolian culture performed by 20 established Mongolian artists, which will leave your jaw hanging to the waist.

The excitement heightens when a group of five people enter skipping over ropes, balancing on one hand and somersaulting in between the strings with a continuous smile on their faces. The energy and the zest of the performers wouldn`t keep you from rooting and cheering for them.

Then comes the hula hoop act, in which two female performers rotate hoops all over their bodies without stopping even once and keep on adding more hoops. And soon you would see 10 hoops twirling on their waists, arms and toes at the same time.

One of the most breathtaking performances was by a group of four male artists dressed in trousers and vests, flying high up in the air only to land on a foam mattress held by their teammates. Durign the act, two stand tall on the swing, while the other two hold the mattress to catch them.

They start off swinging and as it gains momentum one of them jumps off, rolls up in the air and lands up on the mattress. The whole act leaves the spectators with their hearts in their mouths.

The act that leaves viewers awestruck is when when six artists, dressed in traditional Mongolian costumes, throw their fellow teammate in the air and the another one holds him on his shoulder and construct a pillar. The precision and the balance of the performers leave people asking for more.

Another act sees two girls suspended mid-air from plastic rings and create some lovely shadow formations. All the performers seem so flexible as if they don`t have any bones in their body. The flawless surround sound and marvelous lighting add oomph to the entire show.

Most of the performances were done high up in the air and had the audiences mesmerized.

Acromania-The Great Mongolian Circus will be showcased at Nautanki Mahal, Kingdom of Dreams till August 7.

A circus is incomplete without jokers and jugglers - the latter entertained, but the former failed to charm the audiences.

The Mongolian circus, which is celebrating its 70th year, has performed in many countries introducing Mongolian culture to the people of US, Japan, Turkey, Taiwan, Korea, Russia and China, among others, and has now come to enthrall the Indian people.


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