Reformed alcoholic artist`s `Made in India` exhibition in UK

London: `Made in India`, an exhibition by a reformed alcoholic from east London who highlighted in his paintings views from a cross section of people from the Indian sub-continent, drew huge crowds here.

62-year-old Alan Osborne has drawn the paintings after his extensive visit to India, particularly Tamil Nadu.

"It was during my travels in Tamil Nadu in India that I experienced a drunk man in a terrible state and realised how fortunate I was in this country to have the help I needed.

This project started with that realisation," Osborne said.

The exhibition , which was held at the Nehru Centre here, was the second solo exhibition by Osborne, whose work is a fusion of contemporary abstract paintings with classical art narrative.

"I`m delighted with the opening of my latest exhibition - Diwali is all the more poignant for me this year as it represents the culmination and celebration of my own journey as a recovered alcoholic," he said.

Osborne is now in talks with the Nehru Centre to plan the next stage of the exhibition with a strong possibility of taking the show to India.

Director of the Nehru Centre, Sangeeta Bahadur, who opened the exhibition, said, "This exciting show by Alan Osborne highlights views from a cross section of people from the Indian sub-continent both in London and India and the cross cultural identities within this framework."