Replica of Gaga’s meat dress on sale

London: A replica of Lady Gaga’s meat dress is being sold for 100,000 dollars by a steakhouse.

Meatpacking District steakhouse Old Homestead in New York has re-made the singer`s garment, creating their own 85-pound, steak-frock inspired by Franc Fernandez`s creation.

The owner said Gaga’s protein outfit fascinated him after the singer`s MTV Video Music Awards appearance, which has now become the most searched celebrity costume according to Yahoo and thought he could make it even better.

"Well, we saw Lady Gaga on the VMA Awards, and it was very tacky," quoted Marc Sherry, owner of the Old Homestead Steakhouse, appropriately located in the Meatpacking District, as saying.

"In fact, the designer Franc Fernandez, he put no thought into it. And I want it to be just not a cheap skirt steak. I wanted it to be something a cut above," Sherry added.

The dress consists of a vestment made of porterhouse, leggings from rib eye and kobe beef boots, all stitched it all together using butcher`s twine. The "garment" is accessorised with a necklace of marrow bones topped with a 32-ounce rib eye chapeau.

The dress also comes with a designer goody bag stuffed with filet mignon, chocolate sauce, kobe burgers and candy corn.