Richard Gere’s guitar collection fetches $1m at auction

Melbourne: Richard Gere’s American vintage guitar collection has fetched nearly one million dollars at an auction in New York City.

Gere’s 110 guitars and amplifiers, which included brands like CF Martin, Gibson, Fender and Gretsch, and guitars once owned by blues guitarist Albert King and reggae musician Peter Tosh, were sold at Christie’s auction house on Tuesday.

The 62-year-old Hollywood actor said that he was parting with the instruments to support global humanitarian causes.

According to Christie’s, the ‘Pretty Woman’ star studied trumpet and is a self-taught pianist and guitarist, the Daily Telegraph reported.

The ‘Chicago’ star said that he never planned to assemble a guitar collection and bought only ones that he liked and sounded good to him.

The top sale went to a 1960 solid-body Les Paul electric guitar by Gibson, which sold for more than 98,000 dollars.