Rupert Everett’s latest theatre role ‘turning him into an alcoholic’

London: Rupert Everett has revealed that his latest theatre role has driven him to drink and cigarettes.

He is currently starring as Professor Higgins in Bernard Shaw`s Pygmalion in London``s West End, and he admits he`s turned to alcohol to calm his nerves.

Everett is worried he might turn into the legendary drinker Richard Burton, thanks to his new habits.

"Apart from odd nights I don``t stay up very late. The only thing that``s going wrong is that I think I``m becoming alcoholic,” The Daily Express quoted Everett as saying.

"I`m drinking more and rehearsing this play has almost driven me to alcohol because its so nerve-racking. Cider has become my new tipple!

"I can see myself ending up like Richard Burton, because the business is very stressful and I even started smoking again during rehearsals for this," he added.

Everett is sure that he doesn’t want to get into drugs again, though.

"You can`t take drugs when you``re 50. I want my brain to continue functioning. The thing I``m worried about most now is brain disease. Having taken so many drugs in my life, I think, oh my God, what about all my neuro things?

"I don`t think I ever had a drug problem - I just took a lot of drugs. But slowly I stopped and if I take any drugs now, it`s just prescription pills," he said. (ANI)

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