Scarlett ‘deserved Tony for Best Actress’

London: Scarlett Johansson insists that she deserved to win the Tony Award for Best Actress just as much as the classically-trained actresses she was up against.

Theatre snobs in New York publicly insisted she wasn`t a worthy victor, suggesting she was only hired to attract film fans.

"I pounded the pavement for years and I know what it`s like to struggle as an actor... So, I totally understand the frustration there,” a news daily quoted the star as saying.

"A lot of my friends, who are struggling actors, are going through the same thing. But I can`t apologise for it. I have worked my a** off to get to where I am, so I understand that struggle.

"For me, it`s more about hiring the right person for the job. You know, who fits that description. If somebody is cast because they are a name but they`re not right for the job, well, it`s very frustrating. I see that. As an actor, you`re trying to get one foot in,” she added.



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