Sinatra’s tuxedo shirt up for grabs

New York: A tuxedo shirt that belonged to late singer/actor Frank Sinatra and which had been bought for just 5 dollars at a yard sale will be sold to the highest bidder at an auction.

Auctioneer Don Presley, who will offer the Sinatra shirt and other celebrity items in a 600-lot auction, revealed the shirt bore tags ‘Frank Sinatra’, the date ‘Feb. 1987’ and the name and logo for ‘Nat Wise of London...Sunset Strip, Calif.’.

“The shirt was purchased at the yard sale by a gentleman named Rick Gorski, who is a laid-off construction worker,” the New York Daily News quoted him as saying.

Sinatra had in 1987 been touring and performing, and he had just come off a big hit with his Quincy Jones produced album ‘L.A. Is My Lady’ in 1984 and was enjoying renewed popularity with a younger audience.

Presley said he has “no clue” how much the shirt will sell for.

“Nowadays, when something as intangible as a Marilyn Monroe X-ray can sell for 45,000 dollars, it’s anybody’s guess,” he added.

The shirt will hit the auction block on January 1 in Newport Beach, Calif.