Soulink - The many colours of life

Zee Media Bureau

New Delhi: Each colour is a combination of many other colours and we often associate different colours with different moods and emotions. So what happens when we mix all colours? We get the colour white which is often associated with peace, tranquillity and stillness.

Metaphorically, after one has experienced all the joys and pains of life and when one allows oneself to be overwhelmed by all these experiences, what remains is a state of oneness and stillness.

Soulink is a study of this connection between life and what constitutes life. It is an expression of the joy and celebration of colours on canvas. A canvas is a blank sheet just like life. Whatever colour it assumes, lies entirely in the hands of the artist. You are that artist.

Through her paintings, artist Swati Pasari has been exploring the world of spirituality and self-cognition for a number of years now. Her work has earned her accolades all over the globe and this time, she is back with a collection of paintings expressing the sheer joy of existence. Her attempt is to understand life and herself through the world of her paintings and hence this collection is aptly called “The many colours of life”

Swati says, “I enter a different dimension when I paint and I do not know what the painting will become till its done".

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