Susan Boyle to play herself in a musical

London: Scottish singer Susan Boyle is set to star in a musical that will chronicle her rise to fame.

The ‘Britain`s Got Talent’ star has revealed that she is in the final stages of planning the show.

"I`m definitely going to be on stage. I`d rather do that than having to sit watching people up there looking like me," a website quoted Boyle as saying.

"I want to be doing the music parts, so I`ll be coming in and out of the show. I`m looking forward to doing some live work. It`ll be really nice to see so many of the people who have supported me in person," she added.

Boyle, 49, who came from a poverty stricken background and lived alone with her pet cat, rose to limelight last year as a contestant on talent hunt show ‘Britain`s Got Talent’. Even though she didn`t win the contest, her powerful voice and plain appearance made her popular among judges as well as the audiences.