Unseen pics of John’s reunion with Macca found

London: Unseen pictures of John Lennon’s secret reunion with Sir Paul McCartney that were taken years after the break-up of The Beatles have been found.

A former girlfriend of late guitarist Jesse Ed Davis discovered the photographs, which had been taken in Los Angeles, in a forgotten box under her bed.

The snaps, which include photographs of Lennon’s private reconciliation with McCartney in 1974 following a long period of tension between the pair, are set to be showcased on US television later this month.

The photographs owned by Patti Daley, 64, are understood to be the last images of the duo together under the same roof.

They had been taken while Lennon was separated from Yoko Ono and living with his former personal assistant May Pang.

“They were all very good friends and always stayed in touch,” the Daily Express quoted Daley as saying.

“I didn’t want to intrude but remember it being very pleasant,” she said of the reunion.

May Pang has always insisted that Lennon and McCartney were close to reuniting prior to him returning to Yoko.

“It’s incredible, incredible. A lot of these are things we have only read about,” Beatles expert Chris Carter said of the find.