Wartime pictures of Adolf Hitler at home emerge

London: Nearly 67 years after his death, some never-before-seen wartime pictures of Adolf Hitler at his home has emerged.

The pictures, taken between 1936 and 1945 by Hugo Jaeger, one of the personal photographers of Hitler, gives for the first time a rare insight into the rooms where the Fuhrer used to spend his quiet time.

The rooms were decorated with fine furnishings, delicate drapes, paintings and sculptures from around the world, the `Daily Mail` reported.

In fact, Hitler`s rooms in his Berlin apartment above the "New Chancellery" reflects his baroque, often sentimental taste. He was obsessed with oversized architecture and overly grand monuments that would awe and humble any visitor.

Upstairs in his private apartment, every table and sideboard seems to be covered with flowers, according to the photos clicked by Jaeger who was granted unprecedented access to the Nazi dictator`s private moments.

A 1938 photo of a side table has an eerie domesticity about it. The telephone, the note pad, the flowers, glimpse of a fringed lampshade in the mirror all suggest a rather dull, comfortable, middle-class sensibility.

Viewed now, however, the presence of Hitler`s hat -- as if casually tossed there by a man arriving for work at his well-appointed office -- lends the otherwise placid scene a hint of brutality.


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