William Hogarth’s house to reopen

Zeenews Bureau

London: 18th-century painter, printmaker , pictorial satirist, editorial cartoonist, social critic and philanthropist William Hogarth’s (1697–1764) West London home is all set to reopen after a major three-year renovation.

The house, which is build near River Thames in Chiswick, will showcase his art to the public.

Hogarth is best known for his pictures of everyday life, which includes ‘A Rake’s Progress’, ‘A Harlot’s Progress’ and ‘Marriage-à-la-Mode’. His 1751 portrayal of ‘Gin Lane’ represented the wretchedness of slum dwellers in 18th-century London.

The selection will also include various prints and engraving plates in the refurbished house, which will also include replicas of some of the fixtures featured in Hogarth’s prints. Some of the personal items of Hogarth will also be made available to the house.

William Hogarth’s house was built in 1715 and he lived there from 1749 until his death in 1764. The now refurbished house will be reopened by the Irish comedian Dara O`Briain.