Women artists organizing mural painting exhibition in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram: To show reverence for Lord Ganesha, women artists have organized an exhibition of mural paintings in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, depicting various forms of the Hindu God.

A group of 16 women artists are participating in the exhibition, which concludes today.

The mural paintings are mostly seen on temple walls. However, this form of art has revived as a large number of people purchase these paintings to decorate their homes.

The paintings depict Heramba Ganesha, Simha Ganesha and Vijaya Ganapathi.

“This year we are doing paintings on Vigneshwara (Lord Ganesha) that is mural Vinayaka, we have named it as mural Vinayaka. We are using acrylic paints on canvas,” said Suma Shankar, organiser of the exhibition.

About 20 paintings are displayed in the exhibition.

The exhibition has attracted a large number of visitors, who appreciate the effort and the paintings.

“It is very interesting that recent murals have become very popular, saw in the paper so I came to take a look. Mural, I believe, is a lot to do with our ancient culture; it is basically temple painting on walls. I think it``s an affordable, when we go for natural colours,” said Vijayakrishnan, a visitor.

Last year, these artists had organized an exhibition of mural paintings, in which they depicted Ramayana.


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