French scientist reveals secrets of Da Vinci's painting

French scientist reveals secrets of Da Vinci's painting


New Delhi: One of the most famous Renaissance painters, Leonardo Da Vinci might have been blessed with imagination powers, which are beyond a mortal being's capacity, but now reports suggest his idea and technique behind one of his paintings has been decoded.

According to an international website, the famous 'Lady with an Ermine' painting was examined by a French scientist named Pascal Cotte, who has claimed that the secret behind this artwork has been let out. Cotte worked on this famous painting for nearly three years and used the reflective light technology to understand how Da Vinci must have made it.

Interestingly, it is believed that the lady( Cecilia Gallerani) shown in the portrait was a mistress to the duke of Milan, who apparently was also known as the 'white ermine', reportedly.

Now, the French scientist claims that the legendary painter made three artworks before coming out with a final piece. The two other paintings by Da Vinci showed the lady without the ermine, while the other one had Lady with fur, and finally the third one is the masterpiece we all know—Lady with an Ermine', which happens to be white in colour.

Cotte made use of his light technique to come out with this revelation. He has developed a technology called the layer amplification method (LAM). The mechanism on which it is based uses intense light, which is thrown on the work piece, at the same time a camera measures the reflections. With this Cotte concluded what actually went behind various layers of paint used on the canvas.

With Cotte making such a revelation, Da Vinci' famous code has been 'decoded', this time with light!

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