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Worried about the dark circles under your eyes? Check out home remedies to get rid of them

Worried about the dark circles under your eyes? Check out home remedies to get rid of them

If you are eager to get rid of those ugly dark circles under your eyes, check out this article right away.

Charlize Theron finds therapy sessions useful

Actress Charlize Theron has been finding regular sessions of therapy incredibly useful after hitting "rock bottom" a few years ago.

Shoo away summer hair problems

Colouring your locks or taking a cool dip in the pool may be a problem for your hair during summer.

Justin Bieber off Sizzurp

Justin Bieber is reportedly off Sizzurp after months of downing in the codeine cocktail.

Natural choices to combat ageing

Ageing begins from when a child is born. However, there are other factors that can lead to premature ageing, including the usage of incorrect skincare products and gorging on unhealthy foods.

Hugh Jackman feels he`d have more cancer scares

Actor Hugh Jackman, who was treated for skin cancer for the second time, believes there`s a chance it will reappear at some point in future again.

Concentrate on fitness over body: Celebrity trainer

Didn`t you feel like having your own set of six pack abs when Shah Rukh Khan flaunted his in ‘Om Shanti Om’ or when Aamir Khan exhibited his eight pack in ‘Ghajini’?

Yoga can ease stress for pregnant women

Practicing yoga during pregnancy can help you reap health benefits like stress reduction and a decrease in a woman’s fear of childbirth, according to researchers.

How to get luminous skin?

This season one of the biggest beauty trends is natural and glowing skin, the foundation of which is a good skincare routine.

40 is not too late to hit the gym

Even if you are above 40, it is not too late to hit the gym as researchers have found that "relatively intense" endurance exercises confer benefits on the heart irrespective of the age at which a person begins fitness training.

Taslima diagnosed with breast tumours in US

Exiled Bangladeshi writer Taslima Nasreen has been diagnosed with breast tumours at a hospital in New York.

Diane Keaton consumed 20,000 calories a day

Veteran Hollywood actress Diane Keaton says she binged on 20,000 calories a day while suffering from bulimia in her twenties.

Tyra Banks opens up about body image and weight issues

Tyra Banks has openly spoken about her battles with weight, body image and self-esteem.

Protect hair against summer heat, sweat

Summer is the time when most people opt for sunscreens, sunglasses and hats to protect their skin, but make sure to give some extra care to your tresses, says Marcus Francis, official stylist of a haircare brand.

Shailene Woodley eats clay to stay healthy

`The Descendants` star Shailene Woodley has revealed that she eats clay as it helps her body to excrete unnecessary materials.

Miley Cyrus slams drug overdose rumours

Songstress Miley Cyrus, who resumed her Bangerz Tour after several weeks off following a severe allergic reaction to an antibiotic, has shot down drug overdose rumors.

Zac Efron feels `great` post addiction admission

Zac Efron recently said that he has no regrets for revealing his addiction.

Miley Cyrus to get medical care for Britain tour

Singer Miley Cyrus, who suffered a severe allergic reaction last month, will be given medical care during her British tour and will have "a nurse on standby".

Kim Kardashian back on strict diet?

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is reportedly back on her strict diet and workout regime as she is determined to shed some more pounds for her wedding to rapper fiance Kanye West.

Try pole fitness for fit, flexible body

Inspired by the benefits of an all-body work-out that improves strength, flexibility and confidence, several men and women are trying pole fitness, a gymnastic workout.

Relax your mind, body and soul with `foot reflexology`

Feet require as much attention as any other part of the body, and experts claim that a session of `foot reflexology` can benefit your mind, body and soul.