`Alik Sukh` also dwells on alter ego of humans

Kolkata: Calling `Alik Sukh` as a multi-layered film, director Shiboprasad Mukhopadhyay today said the film on doctor’s world also talks about alter ego to judge the whole issue of medical ethics.

“The character of the female protagonist in the movie Rambhali has two aspects good and evil, which has been portrayed by Rituparna Sengupta, who is sharing screen space with another national award winner Sohini Sengupta after 12 years,” Shiboprasad at a discussion on the film.

“Rituparna’s character, wife of the surgeon in the movie facing an acid test in his life, says something which is again opposed by Sohini’s character Kabita, the alter ego existing in Rambhali`s sub-conscious mind. Or we can say Sohini’s character wants her views , which perhaps echoes the popular views, the views of the audience, articulated by Rituparna," Shiboprosad said.

“If it sounds far too complicated, sorry we can’t shed more light. The audience will get to know what I am talking about once they watch the film, which talks about the existence of the evil side in our lives dominated by good,” the Ichhe director said refusing to say if the other main female lead in the movie is entirely metaphysical or an actual screen character.

But the film essentially deals with doctors and that they have a human side, they want to unwind and take a break from stressful lives. That is the leitmotif of the story. It is not devoted to the issues of split personality or alter ego. These are part of other layers, but only secondary, Shiboprosad, who had interacted with the lives of prison inmates before filming popular genre movie `Muktodhara` said.


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