`B.A. Pass` not vulgar: Director Ajay Bahl

Last Updated: Jun 25, 2013, 18:53 PM IST

Mumbai: Debutant filmmaker Ajay Bahl`s forthcoming movie ‘B.A. Pass’ may focus on male prostitution, but he claims that he has made the film in a "dignified manner".

An adaptation of Mohan Sikka`s short story ‘The Railway Aunty’, the film is erotic in nature.

"When we choose a subject like this, there is a greater chance of moving towards obscenity. I am saying again and again that `B.A. Pass` is not vulgar and I have made the film in a very dignified manner," Bahl said.

Bahl feels that the way he presents the story in the film, "people wouldn`t have seen that in Indian cinema".

He also informs that it is easier to adapt a short story into a film compared to a novel.

"A short story has its characters, a plot, which are easy to adapt into a film. While on the other side, picking up a novel and writing a film`s screenplay from it is a task in itself," he said.

"So I would suggest that if somebody is going for an adaptation, then go for a short story as it is easier to do," he added.

‘B.A. Pass’ stars ‘Chak De! India’ fame actress Shilpa Shukla as Sarika Aunty, a seductress who seduces a small town boy, played by Shadab Kamal.