`Dangerous Ishq` trailer comes with `Titanic 3D`

Mumbai: Director-producer Vikram Bhatt`s next film `Dangerous Ishq` which is in 3D, will have its theatrical trailer released with `Titanic 3D` Thursday.

"The trailer of `Dangerous Ishq` is coming with `Titanic 3D` from tomorrow. The Hindi version is coming with `Housefull 2` but that is 2D. We need a 3D film for a 3D version or else just for a trailer nobody is going to give you 3D glasses," Vikram Bhatt told reporters.

However, the director seems to be quite confident with his film and claims that if you work majorly on 3D, then it will work.

Vikram said, "It (3D) has worked for me. If you have done the major part 3D and not converted it, then it will work. It depends on your work."

He further added, "After a point, it`s the story that matters. A 3D film is a3D but many of them have a setup box these days as well."

Directed by Vikram Bhatt, the film marks the comeback of Karishma Kapoor and also features Rajneesh Duggal and Divya Dutta.