`Double inuendo dialogue worse than abuse`

Mumbai: Filmmakers these days are focusing on realistic stories and are not shying away from using expletives or double inuendo dialogues. But actor-writer Manu Rishi says this could be worse than direct abuse.

"I don`t believe in double meaning lyrics or dialogue. I always put the character`s spirit and image in my lyrics and dialogue. I do abuse (in real life), but I don`t sell them (through my writing)," Manu told reporters.

Popular for his role as Bangali in the comedy "Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!", Manu has also written dialogues for `Aisha` and his forthcoming film `Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi`.

He says it`s good to be discreet rather using abuses mindlessly.

"Such lyrics and dialogue don`t carry the right spirit of the song or the character. At time you have to go beyond limits, but it is always good to keep in mind the character and the need of the situation," he advised.

Manu has also acted in "Life Ki Toh Lag Gayi", which marks the directorial debut of Rakesh Mehta.

"My role in the movie is of a police officer named ACP Chautala. He is a gold medalist and his mother loves him. My character is forced to get transferred to Mumbai but his colleagues and people think that he himself wanted this transfer to make more money through bribe. My role is full of humiliation and tension, but served in a comic and humourous manner," he said.

The actor says he loves humour, adding: "I love to laugh and make people laugh."

Among Manu`s upcoming projects are "Mumbai Delhi Mumbai" in which he has written the dialogues and he is also a part of the cast.

`Kya Delhi Kya Lahore` is another movie on the anvil. He has penned the dialogues and a song for the film.