`For Real` is for parents, to-be`s: Adil Hussain

New Delhi: `For Real`, a movie about a child`s determination to keep her family together, is a must-watch for parents, parents to-be and also those who don`t want to raise kids, says the just-released film`s actor Adil Hussain.

"The film is very sensitive as it deals with the formative years of children. It is a long term consequence of our actions, the severity of impact they have on children`s lives," Hussain, who plays the role of Dr Ravi Shukla in the Sona Jain-directed movie, says.

"This film is a must for not only parents and parents to-be, but also for those couples who do not want to be parents," Hussain, who is currently shooting for the Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor-starrer `Agent Vinod`, told PTI.

`For Real` is about six-year-old Shruti, played by Delhi schoolgirl Zoya Hassan, who thinks an alien has come in place of her mother (Sarita Choudhury) and her real mom has been sent to the Orion galaxy. While the alien looks just like her mother, Shruti knows she is completely different from her beloved mother.

Shruti turns to her brother for help but he doesn`t believe her. Her father, like always, remains busy with his work and has no time for her. Unable to accept the alien in her home and desperate to be with her mother, she runs away.

What follows is a child`s journey to find her real mother, a man`s struggle to save his family and a woman`s journey to finding herself.

According to director Jain, "subjecting a child to an unhappy home environment is in one word, abusive. It runs the risk of the child in question never reaching his or her full potential."

"Discord in the family can be very harmful to a child. Working parents, nowadays, devote very little time to their children who feel isolated and ignored. This can lead to dangerous situations," Assam-born Hussain, who recently became a father, says.

Hussain, who played Vidya Balan`s husband in `Ishqiya`, is the bad guy in `Agent Vinod`.

He rose to fame post his NSD days with his role as Othello in the acclaimed production of `Othello: A play in Black and White`. The play by the Indian Shakespeare Company and directed by Roysten Abel won the Fringe First at Edinburgh in 1999, where The Scotsman critic rated Hussain`s performance as "Othello, is bar none, the best acting I have seen in any Shakespeare play, including Peter Brook`s The Tempest".

He tours with this production till date, which has travelled in the last decade to countries far and wide, including Zimbabwe, France, England, Egypt, Germany, Holland and Belgium, besides India.


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