`Love Lies and Seeta` grabs attention in New York

New Delhi: ‘Love Lies and Seeta’, the story of three men in love with a girl named Seeta, grabbed the attention of the New York crowd as the director Chandra Pemmaraju was shooting a scene at the Grand Central.

The shooting drew people who gathered to cheer the actors, said a source from the unit.

"It was more than a busy day at Grand Central because of the football match and America is a huge football fan, so even if the best of Hollywood was to come there and shoot, they would have had to battle tough for attention from the crowd if they wanted some," said the source.

‘Love Lies and Seeta’ features former Miss India USA Melanie Kannokada, Arjun Gupta, Lavrenti Lopes, Michael Derek, Leah Kavita, Caroline Korale, Daniel Wilkinson, Rob Byrnes and Aaron Katter in key roles.

In the film, Rahul, Tom, and Bhavuk meet the beautiful Seeta at different stages in their lives. As the friendship among the three men grows, a chance encounter with Seeta makes them realise they fell in love with the same woman.

They reach out to their friends outside the group to cope with the situation. The movie will release May 18.