`Satya 2` debutant plays corporate style gangster

IANS| Updated: Oct 12, 2013, 17:41 PM IST

Mumbai: Debutant Puneet Singh says he plays a "corporate style gangster" in Ram Gopal Varma`s `Satya 2`, and he hopes that the audience appreciates his work.

"His way of working is different, his thinking is different. He does not kill his adversaries himself. He plans and he is a corporate style gangster," Puneet said here in an interview.

The actor seems to be itching to draw out differences between `Satya 2` and Varma`s 1998 hit crime thriller "Satya".

"This story (`Satya 2`) is not a sequel or a prequel. This story and the character is very different and has a different set up. `Satya` was about a character who comes to Mumbai in 1998 and how he is drawn towards the underworld.

"But in this (`Satya 2`), my character comes to Mumbai in 2013 with an idea, intention, motto and how he achieves his goal...that is the story. Both characters are different," he added.

`Satya 2`, releasing Oct 25, also marks the debut of Anaika Soti and Aradhna.