`Silent Picturehouse` to start from December 16

PTI| Updated: Dec 10, 2013, 17:23 PM IST

Mumbai: A movie extravaganza titled `Silent Picturehouse`, showcasing new and old Bollywood films, will take place here from December 16-18.

The event is being organised by British Airways and will see the presence of many Bollywood A-list actors and filmmakers including Karan Johar.

Celebrating 100 years of Indian cinema this year, `Silent Picturehouse` is a cinematic experience showing three films, on three screens, all in one space combining the in-flight entertainment experience with the traditional cinema environment.

Viewers will be enabled to tune in to their movie of choice from the selected options using wireless headphones.

"With this year marking 100 years of Indian cinema, we are delighted to bring `Silent Picturehouse` to the people of Mumbai. Our guests will be immersed in a celebration of film and travel from the moment they arrive. We are thankful to Karan Johar for collaborating with British Airways to celebrate this joyous occasion.

"Bollywood is recognised as one of the greatest cinema industries in the world, so bringing `Silent Picturehouse` is an exciting prospect for us," said Christopher Fordyce, Regional Commercial Manager, South Asia, British Airways.

Johar has handpicked his favourite travel inspired films to be screened at the event.