`Swami Vivekananda` biopic with only child actors

Chennai: Upcoming Telugu biopic `Swami Vivekananda`, slated to release later this month, features only child actors, says its director Suresh Bujji, who hopes to strike a chord with thes audience with his unique effort.

"I remember watching the kids` version of `Ramayana` many years ago. I liked how the makers treated the same story from the perspective of youngsters. By doing so, they managed to draw the attention of youngsters as well to watch and appreciate the film. I`ve done something similar with my film," Bujji told IANS.

"My film features Prabhath, grandson of politician P. Janardhan Reddy, in the title role of Vivekananda. The rest of the cast also features child actors with a little or no cinematic experience. This film will appeal to adults as well as kids," he added.

He hopes the film on the philosopher-cum-saint is received well.

"It`s very unlikely for biopics in India to make money. Even earlier films on Vivekananda have not been successful at the box office. I hope my film doesn`t face the same fate as I have put in over a year of hard work in it," he said.

The film, which has been majorly shot in places such as Kanyakumari, Madurai and many other places, was recently passed by the Central Board of Film Certification with a clean `U` certificate.

"Everybody at the censor board loved the film. I had already screened it at the Ramakrishna Mission in Hyderabad and received an equally good response. All this has made me very confident about my film," he added.

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