`Tere Bin Laden 2` an unconventional sequel, says director

Mumbai: Director Abhishek Sharma says `Tere Bin Laden 2` is a first of its kind sequel as the stories of the first film and the second are linked but not in continuity.

"The structure of the film is such that you cannot call it a conventional sequel and that is why we are not calling it part two. It can be called a spin-off and in that sense it is a first of its kind," Sharma said here Sunday at a press event held for the film.

"We have not seen a sequel like this anywhere in the world till now where the first and the second part are related. There is a definite and strong relation, but still there is no continuity," he added.

Manish Paul plays the lead in the second film while Pradhuman Singh continues to play as Osama Bin Laden look-alike.

Talking about the story of the film, Sharma said it takes off from the news of terrorist Laden`s death and the ensuing ambiguity and problems.

"The first `Tere Bin Laden` gets over with Ali Zafar reaching America. This film doesn`t continue from there. This film starts from the point where America says Bin Laden in dead. Now, I don`t know (whether it is true) because there is still no proof about Osama`s death," said Sharma.

"So taking that thing in mind, after Osama`s death what all happens with Barack Obama (US president) and with the terrorists in Afghanistan and Pakistan and also the problems that Manish and Pradhuman face because of it, is what the film is all about," he added.

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