`The World Before Her`: Which one would you want to chose?

New Delhi: Nisha Pahuja`s `The World Before Her` shows two different environments women can adapt to. Which Indian woman appeals to you more - one, who is career oriented and can go to any heights to make herself established in the modern context or, one who is blindly traditional and unaccustomed to changing her way of life.

Pahuja follows the training regimes of two women: Ruhi Singh, a Miss India aspirant, who goes through the drill that produces a glossy, photo-ready, modern, Indian woman, and Prachi Trivedi, a regular at Durga Vahini camps, where girls are given martial training and made to listen to lectures on how to be a good Hindu woman.

Pahuja has literally sweated to make this movie, as this is the first time any production crew has been allowed inside a Durga Vahini camp. Nowhere, has she shown a bias to any particular group.

"There was a lot of work, a lot of research, a lot of effort and a lot of time we took to make because it is such a complicated story, and it was very important for me to make a story that is very non - judgmental and fair," Pahuja said.

There are few scenes in the movie which are a bit disturbing, as at the camp young girls yell slogans "Ask for Kashmir, and we`ll slit your throats."

Prachi`s views on Gandhism "I hate Gandhi" can hit Gandhi followers terribly.

Whereas in a Beauty training, girls are seen forgetting their identity to become attractive products for on-lookers. They can go to any extent to be a part of the glamour market.

` The World Before Her` will enthrall you with different perspectives. You have to decide which world you want?

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