`Vicky Donor` is not a comedy: Annu Kapoor

New Delhi: The trailer of ‘Vicky Donor’ might have the audience in splits but actor Annu Kapoor, who is essaying the role of a doctor running a fertility centre, says the film is not a comedy. The film, directed by Shoojit Sircar and introducing Ayushman Khurana, is the story of a fertility expert`s search for a healthy sperm donor.

"We have tried to make the film interesting, but we did not try to create any comedy. Everything that me or the hero does in the film is within the characterisation and the storyline. We did not try to be deliberately funny. No dialogue was included to make people laugh," Kapoor told PTI.

The one-liners in the trailer are funny but Kapoor assures that the comedy is situational and not slapstick.

"People will find the situations funny but it is not funny for the characters. That is the beauty of the script and the screenplay," Kapoor added.

He is playing Dr Baldev Chadha, a loud-mouth abusive Punjabi who is desperate to find a good sperm donor for his fertility clinic in Delhi`s Daryaganj.

"I am playing a very important role, it is the backbone of the film. It is Dr Chadha who is looking for a donor. The hero is the discovery of the doctor," Kapoor said.

And the veteran actor and TV personality says that he has played the role of a Punjabi to the T, aping their mannerism in every way.

"There is a dialogue in the film where the heroine`s father says, `I hate Punjabis, they are total show-offs`. Punjabis are slightly flamboyant and I had to ape that in every gesture and accent to play a full-fledged Punjabi role. I put on five kgs to look more convincing," he said.

The film also has a love story, where the Punjabi hero Ayushman falls in love with a Bengali girl played by newcomer Yami Gautam. Being the senior-most artiste on the set, Kapoor says he got his due respect and freedom to work.

"I was the senior-most actor and they gave me due respect. Whenever I gave any suggestions, they tried to follow it. I trusted the director though he is 14-15 years younger to me. He too trusted my experience and gave me the space to enact his vision," said Kapoor.

This is John Abraham`s first film as a producer and Kapoor said the Bollywood actor was involved with the project from the very beginning.

"John was involved from the very beginning and he was concerned about every detail. He made sure that there was a song picturised on him for promotional purposes. It is his film after all," he said.

Last seen playing a policeman in funny film ‘Gali Gali Chor Hai’, Kapoor says does fewer films these days as he takes up only those roles which are good enough for an experienced actor like him.

"I always look for a substantial role in a film, if the role is not good enough I do not take it up. I have been acting for 30 years now, whether it is a small part or a big role like in ‘Vicky Donor’, I do my job with equal sincerity," he said.