`Waar` maker wants to screen his film in India

Karachi:Pakistani director Bilal Lashari wants to release the country`s biggest box office hit `Waar` in India.

The action film, which has done roaring business at the box office in Pakistan and is close to reaching the 200 million rupees mark, depicts Pakistan`s fight against terror.

Lashari, however, said that he has not approached anyone specifically for distribution in India.

"I have no idea how people will react, but it would be great if it ends up being screened. A lot of people are saying it`s never going to happen.

"I would love to show the film as it is. I think it would get a very interesting reaction. I am curious to know how people in India will react to it I don`t think they should react badly," he said.

Lashari has also got in touch with Indian filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma after he tweeted about his film, saying, "Indian filmmakers should get off our assumed high horses and look at Pakistani films seriously."

Bollywood films depicting military or intelligence agents from Pakistan such as `Ek Tha Tiger` and `Agent Vinod` have traditionally not been passed by the censor board of Pakistan.
Seeing the tense relations between India and Pakistan and recent skirmishes on the LoC, the director is aware that the message of `Waar` may not be warmly welcomed by Indian audiences.

"The question is whether they will take it as being just a film. People need to realize this is entertainment not a documentary. The film is not against the people of India.

"The tricky part is the notion of so-called Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) involvement in the film. If that`s the perception India wants to maintain, then it can be taken as more than just a film. I`ve given up trying to convince people that there is no ISPR involvement in the script or characters. But that would make things boring wouldn`t it?," Lashari added.