`Yaare Koogadali` review: Go for variety in entertainment

Actor Puneet Raj Kumar`s films are hugely expected by Kannada film fans because of his big box office appeal. His latest film ‘Yaare Koogadali’, directed by Tamil film director Samuththirakani, is a different type of film considering he has so far done many urban roles.

In ‘Yaare Koogadali’, the remake of Tamil Hit ‘Porali’, the actor has taken a role with two different shades, and he has been successful in delivering a power-packed performance. His fans would like the film not only for Puneet`s performance, but also for the overall appeal of the film. A message is also incorporated in the script of the film, and that may help struggling youngsters in personality development.

Director Samuththirakani, who had helmed the Tamil orginal too, has tried to present the film with some local factors. He has also chopped off many unnecessary sequences to make the film more slick and has managed to maintain a good pace.

The film starts with Kumar and Natesh, two inmates of a mental asylum running away to a city. Without revealing their real identities, they start working in a petrol bunk and later on start their own agency to offer services. Kumar is loved by a neighbourhood girl, who likes his helping nature.

Meanwhile, Kumar is being hunted by his relatives, who want to usurp his property and kill him. One of his friends from village comes to meet Kumar in the city to tell him that their property is being sold to a greedy industrial group as it has lot of hidden uranium content. How Kumar comes out of all his adversities with courage and fortitude forms the rest of narration.

Puneet Raj Kumar once again excels in his role and his body language for the role of two shades, is perfect. His eyes speak more than anything in many sequences. Bhavana has once again proved that she is a fantastic actress in emotional sequences. Yogi`s comedy works out well in the film and he shares good onscreen chemistry with Puneet.

The baddies, played by Ravishankar, Malavika and Rakesh Adiga stand out for menacing performances. Smitha makes a good impact in her role. Each and every character in the film has put in their best.

The negative point is that the film has more action sequences and there is no romantic song. The music compositions are just average - that makes the audience a little disappointed.

Only the "Hello 123 mike testing" song is enjoyable. Sukumar`s camera work is excellent, while Guru Prasad`s dialogues are funny and precise.

Overall, it is an enjoyable film, which offers a lot of variety of entertainment.

IANS/ V.S.Rajapur