10th International Film Festival to begin from May 7

Thiruvananthapuram: A retrospective of renowned film-maker David Lean would be the highlight of the 10th international film festival,beginning here on May 7.

Four films of Lean, `Bridge on the River Kwai,` `Lawerence of Arabia,` `Doctor Zhivago,` and `Ryan`s Daughter` would be screened in the retrospective section.

A total of 35 films from India and and abroad would be shown at the week-long festival, organised by Film Lovers` Cultural Association (FILCA). `Phir Kabhi` directed by V K Prakash would be the inaugural film.

The festival would conclude with the screening of `Three Idiots` by Rajkumar Hirani.

Eminent director Adoor Gopalakrishnan would inaugurate the festival, FILCA general secretary M K P Nair told reporters here.

He said apart from remuneration, other allowances like convoy, food bills are also adding pressure on the producers.

President of the Movie Artists Association (MAA), Murali Mohan said that the Joint Screening Committee will be formed with two representatives each from Producers` Council, MAA and Directors Association.

"Movies` production cost doubled in the last five years. Producers role in making movie has been limited to that of an investor. Only hero and the director of the movie will decide everything. There is so much of wasteful expenditure which the producer has to bear," Mohan said adding the Rs 700 crore Telugu film industry will collapse unless corrective measures are taken up.

Citing Karnataka film industry as an example, he said the way Kannada film industry banned dubbing movies, Telugu film industry also should ban the same.

Some of the Rajnikanth-starrer dubbed films outsmarted many straight movies leaving some Telugu Movie producers in loss.

According to an industry observer, henceforth all producers will have to submit a script report to the proposed Joint Screening Committee before beginning a new movie.

The committee will then examine the details like duration of the shooting, artiste`s details and their remunerations.

"The Producers` Council suggested that only 20 per cent of the actors` remuneration should be paid during production and 30 per cent during post production and the remaining 50 per cent before the release of the movie," a member of the Producer`s Council said.

This will save the producer from interest burden, the member added.