800 flying cockroaches made Esha Gupta run naked in ‘Raaz 3’!

Updated: Aug 31, 2012, 18:10 PM IST

Zeenews Bureau

New Delhi: Esha Gupta is only a year old in Bollywood but the ex-Miss India turned actress has put a daring act in her upcoming movie ‘Raaz 3’ which hits the screens on September 7.

In one of the interviews with the entertainment supplement of a Delhi-based newspaper, Esha spoke about a scene she did for ‘Raaz 3’ that emotionally drained her. As seen in the movie’s promos, there is a sequence in which swarms of flying cockroaches attack Esha as a result of black magic played upon her by her arch rival Bipasha Basu. But little did we know that the scene was too tough for her as she had to tear off all her clothes and run naked in front of a lot of people to save her skin from the insects.

However, Esha thanks the film’s director Vikram Bhatt and her co-actor Bipasha who came forward to help her perform her act with ease. Although the scene involves use of special effects to give an impression of real insects flying into Esha’s eyes, mouth, ears and clothes, the ‘Jannat 2’ actress did the nude act for real! Now, that’s what we call professionalism.

Describing her entire experience shooting the scene, Esha said, “Vikram and Mahesh sir were there to help me with it. It was very draining and I was having glucose every day. I would feel shivers and that’s how I could show the same shivers being experienced by my character.”

She also added that the cockroach scene will become an iconic scene in Bollywood history.