Aamir and Salman will never work together!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: When the two big Khans of Bollywood teamed up, one of the best comedy films was made in the name of ‘Andaaz Apna Apna`. Released in 1994, the comic flick that had all the potential to tickle your funny bone saw Aamir and Salman at their funniest best.

But post AAA, the flamboyant star and the perfectionist actor haven’t worked together and might never end up working with each other!

Reason??? Aamir sites that it is because of time constraints that he will not be able to act with his best friend.

Buzz has it that comedy king David Dhawan had approached AK for Salman’s `Partner 2`.

Talking to a tabloid, a source revealed, "Though Aamir loved the script, he said he wouldn`t be able do the film. He said `I am very fond of Salman and would love to work with him but it`s not practically possible for both of us to work together. By the time Salman starts his day at a shoot, its time for me to wrap up. So how can you expect us to work together.`"

Despite being a deadly duo in AAA, the two good looking men are unable to recreate the same magic because they are poles apart when it comes to choosing a script.

"The studio feels that they form a lethal pair. But though Aamir was being humorous, he did make a valid point. They are two ends of the pole when it comes to their work ethics. That`s the reason they haven`t worked together since AAA and there is very rare chance of it happening in the future," added the source.