Aamir Khan dropped pants for `PK`, wonders would Salman follow suit?

Mumbai: It seems Aamir Khan is in the mood to rag his friend and colleague Salman Khan! The former dropped his pants for the poster of his forthcoming film `PK` and wonders would the latter ape him again?

During `Dhoom 3` Aamir`s cap caught people`s fancy, including Salman.

"During `Dhoom 3` my cap got very famous and Salman was wearing the cap on `Bigg Boss`, so, now I want to test his friendship. So let`s see can he do this - he removed his shirt, now can he remove his pants?" Aamir asked, humorously.

He was addressing the media who gathered here for the launch of the second poster of `PK`, directed by Rajkumar Hirani.

In the first poster, Aamir went nude and flaunted his chiselled body. But the naysayers have alleged that it has been photo shopped.

Denying the allegations, Aamir said: "The photo has not been photo shopped. I had made the body for `Dhoom 3` and simultaneously I started shooting for the film... in fact, after too long I shot for two films at the same time."

"For me, this poster is not vulgar. Vulgarity is not in your clothes, it`s in your mind and the way you talk," he added.

Would you go nude if it`s the demand of the script?

"It`s too difficult, but over the years I have realised that nothing is impossible. We can only do our work," he replied.

Although not much is known about the film, but interestingly, Aamir will be "seen speaking in Bhojpuri throughout" the movie.

"I hope Bhojpuri industry accepts our film whole-heartedly. Language has an emotional connect," he said.

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