Aamir okay with censor board`s A-certificate to `Peepli Live`

New Delhi: Aamir Khan is okay with censor board`s `A` certificate to his upcoming production `Peepli Live`, which hits theatres on August 13.

"I am okay with the `A` certificate because there are expletives used in certain places, which I feel is not proper for children to see," the actor told reporters here.

"I will not even allow my children to watch the movie," he said.

Filmmakers generally object to an `A` certificate (meant for viewers above 18 years only) because it limits the audience but Aamir said he chose not to delete some of the dialogues because they were important for the narrative.

Directed by former journalist Anusha Rizvi, the film takes a satirical look at the system through a farmer, who decides to commit suicide.

Aamir, however, denied that the film is about farmer suicides, an issue which continues to dominate headlines even today.

"I want to make it clear that is not about farmers suicide because if anyone of us decides to make a film on this topic we have to understand why it is happening. My film is about the growing divide between rural and urban India. The film is a sum total of many issues including migration, which is a huge problem in villages," the 45-year-old actor said.

According to him, though the film pokes fun at things, it does not try to make a caricature out of media or the government.

"I feel that a film should be emotionally true to touch the audience. I don`t believe that cinema brings revolution but in the long run it does have an impact on people. We have tried to show a larger picture of things through this film. It is not judgemental and nor does it tries to belittle anyone."

It is Aamir`s fourth production after Oscar-nominated `Lagaan`, `Taare Zameen Par` and `Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na` and
he said he had decided to produce the film because he was moved by the script, which talks about real India.

"I am privileged to be a part of this film. I would have loved to act in the movie but I felt I did not fit anywhere because every character is well fleshed out. It is I think the first film in Bollywood, which takes the route of satire after `Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron`," he said.

The film stars Raghubir Yadav and several new faces, most of whom come from Naya theatre group of Habib Tanvir. Aamir said media plays a huge role in his film but unlike other movies, it does not try to mock it.

According to Anusha, she opted to shoot the film in a village rather than a studio set as she wanted to retain a "real touch." But I won`t claim that what I have tried to show is right. Reality can be funny but the question that I have tried to raise is that are we okay with it," she said.



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