Aamir says sequels to ‘Sarfarosh’, ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ possible

Mumbai: Aamir Khan, who will be seen in the third part of the superhit `Dhoom` series says sequels should have different and interesting stories to be carried forward and feels there surely can be a second instalment of two of his successful films `Sarfarosh` and `Andaz Apna Apna`.

"I don`t have any objections to sequels. I think if I have liked the casting, the story or film or characters then I would like to know what happens to them later. If there is a possibility of equally nice story...that is different and unusual from the first one but using the same characters (then why not)," Aamir told reporters.

"The ones that I feel have the potential to be made into sequels are `Sarfarosh` and `Andaz Apna Apna.` These are the one who have potential but none of them are being worked on," he said.

Directed and written by John Matthew Matthan, `Sarfarosh` (1999) dealt with an Indian police officer`s fight to stop cross-border terrorism. The action film starred Aamir Khan as ACP Ajay Singh Rathod, Sonali Bendre as his love and Naseeruddin Shah in a negative role. The film did moderately well in the box office and was declared as an above average grosser.

"In case of a sequel to `Sarfarosh`...you see one can show how the character of ACP Rathod gets a new case to solve. So even I will like to do it. Though John has not written it but conceptually I don`t mind. But next part should be different, new and something interesting. It should not be like we have just altered the script and made a film. I won`t do that," Aamir said.

"I would be happy to do `Sarfarosh 2` provided there is a good script. It should be as good as the first one. I don`t want to destroy the goodwill of the first one by making a bad part of it," the 46-year-old actor said.

`Andaz Apna Apna`, a cult comedy directed and written by Rajkumar Santoshi, starred Aamir, Salman Khan, Karishma Kapoor and Raveena Tandon in the lead. There is a buzz in B-town that a sequel to this 1994 hit film is underway but nothing is concrete as yet.

Meanwhile, `Dhoom 3` spearheaded by Aditya Chopra, will be directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya fondly known as Victor.

After John Abhrama and Hrithik Roshan played baddie guys in the `Dhoom` and `Dhoom 2` respectively, its now Aamir`s turn to play baddie in the Yash Raj Film`s superhit franchise, while actors Abhishek Bachchan and Uday Chopra would continue with their famous pair of `Jai` and `Ali`.

The theme of the `Dhoom` series centres around thrill, action, bike chases, handsome thieves, smart and daring stealing plans. After the success of `Dhoom` (2004) and `Dhoom 2` (2006), talks are rife on its third instalment.

"`Dhoom 3`.. its a very nice story. With every sequel they have a nice story and different characters like Hrithik, John and me...we all three had different stories," Aamir said.

The makers are in search of a leading lady to be played opposite Aamir. The film will begin shooting end of this year and is slated for a 2012 Christmas release.

Talking about sequels from an audience point of view, Aamir said, "I don`t mind as an audience. But I feel that doesn`t happen often. Usually what happens is when a film becomes a hit then the producer is keen on announcing the part two. Then they make `badhi` script and make the film. As an audience I feel its cheating."


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